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Our Experts

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Duane Martin - Owner


Duane is the owner of this operation and he was here from the

beginning. Working alongside his father-in-law, he created a locally

owned and operated flooring store with affordable prices and

outstanding quality. Duane divides his time between the Seymour and

the Columbus store...and also the golf course!


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Joellen Martin - Owner


Joellen has been with Seymour Carpet One since Day 1! She loves to

take a project and run with it, from flooring to backsplashes and even

showers! Having been here since we opened in the 80's, Joellen

probably sold you that green shaggy carpet in your living room, but

don't worry- she knows just the right product to right that wrong!

Come visit Joellen in the Seymour showroom on Fridays or in

Columbus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays!


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Blake Burke - Manager


Blake has been with Seymour Carpet One for over 7 years and to say

he runs this place would be a serious understatement! Beginning in

sales and moving into management, Blake is a seasoned flooring

expert with tons of knowledge in material and installation. Blake's

favorite type of flooring to sell to customers is carpet, and he wants

you to always remember.... Fuzzy side up!


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Jim Clark - Sales Team Member


Jim Clark is a crucial member of Seymour Carpet One's sales team.

While he may be outnumbered by women in the office, he can hold his

own when it comes to his flooring expertise. With twenty plus years of

experience selling flooring and overseeing installations, Jim knows just

the right flooring product for your next project. No matter how

challenging your flooring needs may be, Jim is the man for the job!


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Mike Hageman - Warehouse


Mike is our warehouse extraordinaire. Mike has been with our team for

3 years and counting and has a history with the store as he is the son-

in-law of the original owner. Mike has always been around the store

doing something!


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Carolyn Colglazier - Bookkeeper

We love Carol because she is the woman behind our paychecks and

also because this place wouldn't run without her! Carol has been with

us for 25 years and she handles all the books. She's a woman of many

talents and she also knows her way around the showroom. She can

assist you with any billing or payment questions or point you in the

right direction when it comes to your flooring needs!


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Melody Hageman - Part-time Bookkeeper


Melody has been with our Carpet One team for three years. If you'd

like an opinion about your flooring, Mel's definitely got one! She does a

lot of paperwork and keeps the staff in line when their paperwork falls

short. Melody is part-time here, but full time in our hearts!


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Marguerite Galloway - Sales Team Member


When you think of Seymour Carpet One, you think of Marguerite

Galloway! She's a staple in this organization and the place wouldn't run

without her. Marguerite has been with us since the very beginning and

she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to flooring products. Any

questions you have about carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and more-she has

the answer. Come see her today and don't worry if Marguerite is a

mouthful, we just call her Marg, you can call her whatever you want,

just call her!


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Miranda Henson - Retail Sales Professional


Miranda is brand new to The Floor Store Carpet One. She is very

excited to start her flooring journey and help customers transform their homes.

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